Understading Design DOES Understanding L'Hospitalet Exhibition


Understading Design DOES Understanding L'Hospitalet Exhibition

"Understanding L'Hospitalet" has recently been awarded with the "ADI Culture" award by ADI-FAD. The ADI Culture Award’s objective is to encourage public recognition of those projects that, in both fields of design and culture, help to promote and update product design socially and conceptually, or projects that are useful to incentivize dialogue, ideas and activity in this discipline.

Understanding Design curates a selection of pieces that will form a representative sample of some of the creative profiles based in L'Hospitalet, taking into account its value for being experimental, multidisciplinary, industrial and artisan, open, shared and unknown; focused on the field of design.

With the participation of: DOES Work, Èlia Bagó, Elsa Casanova, Ignacio and Juan Ezcurra, Cristian Herrera, Max Milà, Josep Novell, Claire Romain, Lolo&Sosaku, Diego Tampanelli, TAKK (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño) and Sara Torres.


Exhibition curated by Saúl Baeza and Diego Ramos
Exhibition curated at Instituto Cervantes di Milano
Exhibition management by Tai Sans
Exhibition design by Diego Ramos Studio
Graphic design by Raquel Quevedo
Photography by José Hevia