Understanding Design DOES Wip Exhibition


Understanding Design DOES Wip Exhibition

Unique pieces, prototypes, experiments, finished or unfinished products, in process, in constant investigation.

Students and recent graduates, novice designers and young professionals, consummated designers of international renown.

Creations by Antoni Arola, Curro Claret, Ignacio Ezcurra and Juan Ezcurra, Martí Guixé, Cristian Herrera, Maio, Xavier Mañosa, Anna Masclans, Maria Roy y Tatiana Melo, Jorge Penadés, Raquel Quevedo, Guillermo Santomà, Goula/Figuera Studio, DADA Studios and Julen Ussia.

The show is in the framework of DEMO, a festival that wants to put value on the process before the product, experimentation before the commercial exit, or transdisciplinarity before the labeling in traditional labels or processes.

Under these premises, the creators present in W.I.P. have had carte blanche to expose what they had not had the option to show previously for lack of a suitable context, or that concept materialized specifically for the occasion.


Exhibition curated by Saúl Baeza and Diego Ramos
Festival management by Tai Sans and Paola Calvet
With the collaboration of Guim Espelt
Exhibition made at Galeria DADA - Objet Trouvé
Exhibition design by Diego Ramos Studio
Photography by José Hevia