Hunch DOES "What if it Snows" Book


Hunch DOES What If it Snows Book

Silver ADGFAD LAUS Award - Complete Book Category (2015)

What If It Snows is a waterproof book. HUNCH commissioned Albert Romagosa Design Cabinet to design together an editorial piece which would be included in Alpine Basics capsule collection.

We had a talk in order to extract the essential part of that collection and defined that the book, as well as the other pieces on the capsule, should be waterproof. For us, designing this piece should be more than only making a catalogue, there was a need to communicate the whole background and imaginary behind the Alpine Basics capsule avoiding to show even clothes or objects, just treating it as a visual essay with an intellectual approach.

To make a waterproof book possible, we investigated on papers and treatments which can resist the water and, after lots of mechanical problems, the book came finally to life. The beautiful part of it is that now you can take your book to the snow and read it wherever you want and never feel worried about snowing or raining. This book is a limited edition of 100.


Art Direction by Hunch and Albert Romagosa
Photography by Hunch and Albert Romagosa
Design by Albert Romagosa