Does DOES Biometric Protection Accessories


Biometric Protection Accessories

Body surveillance and biometric analysis have been present in our daily life for decades. From been institutionally recognized as citizens through presenting our fingerprints to the government to speculating a future where we will have access to spaces through our retina lecture, the uniqueness of some of our biological features play an important role towards our social and political identity functionality.

After months of researching on the topic and exploring its possibilities, DOES Pharma presents a family of products with the aim of protecting the most important features of our body towards our identity recognition. Our products provide the perfect protection for keeping your body features as recognizable as possible towards your body surveillance functionality.

Available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs and produced with non pH-damage materials, we offer a collection of products that work towards your daily biological uniqueness protection.

  • Tongueprints Biometric Protector

  • Fingerprints Biometric Protector

  • Ears Biometric Protector

  • Iris Biometric Protector

  • Anus Biometric Protector

  • Nosepores Biometric Protector


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