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Mr/Ms/Other Potato Head
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Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head is an ongoing research project exploring how humanity will behave, look and auto-determine in a future context, according to current scientific and anthropological speculations of the bodies’ mutability, and also on original thoughts based on current trends and behaviours. The project takes as a starting point “Mr Potato”, one of the most iconic and internationally recognized toys of the modern history. After its launching in 1952, its evolution has been anecdotal. Even so, it is still one of the most useful and dynamic educational tools for kids.

In that direction, the project Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head, tries to explore the required update of a valuable tool, that needs to be in tune with the current scenarios regarding the concept of “identity”. To do so, different technologies are used in order to achieve and amplify those needed features. 3d Printing technologies allowed the creation of new accessories, as well as empowering new digital realities and their possibilities. Other features, such as the option of recording and playing audio, explore new layers for its interaction.

Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head - DIGITAL IDENTITY

This Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head shows the versatility of the Digital Identity. You can try it now with your favourite Face Filter Masks published on Instagram.

The powers of identity had overflown physical expectations. Nowadays, who we are and how we behave are in need of new structures and media to be understood. Objects are starting to be designed in order to dialogue with softwares, not with humans. Face tracking, as a parametric indicator, is still related to our identity for its unique approach, but is changing the traditional meaning of the face. Is our face still the most influential organ towards our identity communication? The toy comes with 3d printed eyes/eyebrows/glasses pieces designed to be recognised as a human face by any face tracking technology.

Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head – EVOLUTIVE IDENTITY

This Mr/Mrs/Other Potato Head unifies the similarities between animal species and human evolutive identity:

Front: Most pigs’ organs could work as a backup for human ones.
Right: Mice coincide 88% with the human genome.
Back: Orangutans are more similar to humans, in terms of genetics, than to chimpanzees, contrary to what we thought until today.
Left: Elephants are capable of identifying themselves in front of mirrors like humans do.


With the ability to speak through an inserted speaker, it represents a new Mr Potato Head feature, adding a new layer of interaction to the toy. Voice can be used to articulate speech, words or expressions, amplifying our identity tools. In that direction, this Mr/Ms/ Other Potato Head talks about speculative identities and represents DOES Work vision towards the topic. Record your speech and insert the SD Card in the toy.


Mr/Ms/Other Potato Head was a project developed for "Understanding L'Hospitalet" exhibition. Curated by Understanding Design association for Milan Design Week 2019.