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New Faces, New Identities
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This is the result of a long-term research project focused on finding opportunities to use Apple Face ID software and infrastructure to build new hybrid identities, exploring its potential as a drag, queer and trans technology design tool. The aim of the project is to validate new paradigms for identity ambiguity, multiplicity and fluidity, using biometric artificial intelligence systems and technologies of control as tools for free expression. The prostheses shown in this paper are functional, and allow users to train Apple Face ID software to design their own identities connected to their name, Apple ID Number, bank account, social networks, and any other data or online activity digitally associated to this persona. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT AN SPECULATIVE PROJECT.

By experimenting for months and conducting a series of design explorations, we developed ways to successfully create and train new identities, partly hiding the original ones through wearing prostheses with the facial features of other people. By mixing different facial prostheses, we were able to design a non-physical existent individual who can be trained as a new human by the facial recognition software, connected to our personal data and any other activities related or associated with it. The present explorations, methodology and project outputs aim to be a first step for future open-source scenarios exploring new opportunities for biometric facial recognition systems as identity expression tools. We are not trying by any means to define a common or final purpose for the use of this research methodology, but rather empowering individual exploration of an established and unlimited global system, widely employed and very present in our daily lives.


Arnau Anglada
Victor Betriu
David Haro

Photography and Art Direction:
Arnau Anglada

Cris Neira

Marta Abad
Mariona den Tuinder
Ignacio Ezcurra

Special Thanks:
Alba Eiriz
Pau Dolcet
Maria Canudas