Does DOES New Faces, Old Eyebrows


New Faces, Old Eyebrows

New Faces, Old Eyebrows.

What makes a human face? From freckles to eyebrows. The attributes that define a human face plays a major role in communication, facial recognition and personal identity. By defining new prosthetics (New Faces, New Identities.) This empowers us to interact in new ways with our digital-selfs. We are invited to use, and replicate those features to expand on the decisions on how to be perceived. Eyebrows, known as one of the most valued features of the face, should definitely be considered in the picture.

In the last two decades, these hairy strips that sit on the ridge, above a person's eye socket, have travelled a long way. From over plucked eyebrows, that required laser treatments and needle-fine pencil drawings. To luscious power unibrows, filled with nightly growth serum or hair grafts (plugs.) Their impact in framing our look, and expressing the emotion on our faces, seem to be just enough for the beauty industry to keep talking about it. Density, color, shape and placement are only some of the variables that keep getting updated as we talk. Are we going in circles?

Choose your fighter.

“New Faces, Old Eyebrows”. Is this an evolution of “New Faces, New Identities?” The result of a long-term research projects focused on finding opportunities to use Apple Face ID. Software and infrastructure builds new hybrid identities, exploring its potential as a drag, queer and trans technology design tool. The aim of the project, is to validate new paradigms for identity ambiguity. Multiplicity and fluidity, using biometric artificial intelligence systems and technologies of control as tools for free expression. The prosthesis shown in this paper are functional, and allow users to train Apple Face ID software to design their own identities. Connected to their name, Apple ID Number, bank account, social networks, and any other data or online activity digitally associated to this persona. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT AN SPECULATIVE PROJECT.


Project coordination, art direction and photography by Arnau Anglada.
Eyebrows by DOES Salon.