Hunch DOES People At Work Collection


Hunch DOES People At Work Collection


Everyday life and early mornings. Little routine based inconveniences, the incident free passing of time. Hard working
hands. The ice, the cold and whatever aseptic. The immovable customs and natural functionality; when everything ends up taking the space and shape that corresponds to it.

PEOPLE AT WORK is the 2016 fall/winter collection by Hunch. Functionality and practicality build the basis of this line created by industrial designers; classic workwear evolve in this collection inspired by the market atmosphere, by transformation and by details. More than half of the pieces are waterproof and the translucent plastic is sewn together with thermo-sealed seams. This third Hunch collection continues in the road that ALPINE BASICS and NOWHERE opened; textile, zipper and detail investigation, lines and practicality make PEOPLE AT WORK another fashion and innovation bet.


Art Direction Campaign by Hunch & Albert Romagosa
Photography by Carlos Moreno