Manuel Fischer DOES Servelat Man


Manuel Fischer DOES Servelat Man
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“Servelat man” is a music video recorded with a thermography camera. A technology that uses body parameters to produce an output that makes visible what is biologically invisible for our human capabilities. Through understanding the possibilities of those control technologies, as tools to generate and visualize all the dimensions were our body acts and our identity lives, we approach them with a first person perspective to explore its options.

Playing with materials, objects and different technologies, we are capable of modifying our body temperatures and by doing so, of designing the visual output, and being in control of how our body is captured in order to express our other identities. By contextualising those items as fashion accessories, I use them on my body, where a technology processes it and translates them into an image that makes visible what before was invisible. The Project tries to understand how fashion and code are mediating in the process of transforming identity-control technologies into tools for identity exploration and expression.


Written and Directed by DOES Work
Artistname: Manuel Fisher
Trackname: Servelat Man
Album: Roadkill Grill in Novosibirsk
Released on Lobster Theremin - LT060