Manuel Fischer DOES Servelat Man


Manuel Fischer DOES Servelat Man

When we think the term identity we think about what we are, what is the real us. The idea of conceiving and understanding this term could be considered equivalent to the Aristotle’s conception of essence: the one that refers to «being this or that» of a thing, that is, not to what a thing is, but to «what is» that thing.

At DOES, we questioned ourselves if identity had other materiality apart from the body and if identity —or, at least, a part of it— had an end (if it could be finished without requiring the body death). This video shows the trace left by our body when we perform daily actions, a trace that can be considered as part from our identity since we are able to find sweat or data related to our DNA in it.

For once, we are able to see that trace thanks to technology, more precisely thanks to a thermographic camera, which captures the heat of bodies and objects with high accuracy distinguishing different zones from the same entity. The whole piece has been recorded with it and the different colour palettes were accomplished by changing the parameters of temperature capture.


Written and Directed by DOES Work
Artistname: Manuel Fisher
Trackname: Servelat Man
Album: Roadkill Grill in Novosibirsk
Released on Lobster Theremin - LT060