hunch DOES The New Wool


Hunch DOES The New Wool

How might we recuperate the textile tradition in its purest craft sense that has been lost due to the industrialization? The usage of wool has long been a social and economic engine in the Spanish textile sector. However, its original connotations have gradually been fading. Through the innovation applied on the dialogue between industry and craftsmanship, The New Wool aims to reconsider the cultural values that wool represent, exploiting its possibilities from a different perspective.

This exploration results in a work of art that merges the properties of wool and latex, which communicates by itself due to its richness simplicity. Being the contrast between the malleability and the behaviour as a textile one of its main attributes, it also kindly highlights the beauty of the duality between interior and exterior waterproof textures. Moreover, the confection needs no sewing as it is completely handmade, and it has the ability to copy any shape, offering infinite possibilities. In addition, the origin of all the materials is completely natural, resulting in a sustainable and biodegradable piece.

The New Wool is a project that searches the contact, the closeness and communication between what makes us feel humans, giving the importance back to the material using innovative languages.


Photography and video by Kiwi bravo