Sónar DOES Why am I always hot?


Why am I always hot? (Trailer)

The following video has been shot exclusively using high definition thermography - a camera employed by governance, defence and military industries. All the infrared, thermographic sets have been defined manually. There has been no color edition or postproduction applied to any of the shots.

With the the aim of validating new paradigms for identity ambiguity, multiplicity and fluidity, we subvert biometric artificial intelligence systems and technologies of control as tools for free identity expression, definition and personal proclamation. In this project, we do that by hacking military infrared thermographic technologies that capture body parameters to produce an output that makes visible what is biologically invisible for our human capabilities, understanding the possibilities of those control technologies, as tools to generate and visualize all the dimensions were our body acts and our identity lives.

This is a trailer of the piece, original piece details:
15 minutes long
7 screens
Sónar by Day
Saturday 18th June
Sónar +D 2022

Concept and Creative Direction: DOES
Music Production and Sound Design: SN Systema
Shooting: Saúl Baeza, Joan Alvarez
Edit: EntreFamilia
Graphic Design: Lorena G. Ortiz
Starring: Saúl Baeza, Llum Murillo, Natàlia Montardit, Andrés “Niño Foca” Martínez, Atos Jiu Jitsu Barcelona, C.E Picornell