Vaikonur DOES Terra Rhapsody


Vaikonur DOES Terra Rhapsody

"A garden fruit of longing and nostalgia, a weightless territory in whose bosom gestures go to the slow rhythm of presentiments. A space where memory twists on itself in the invisible nebula of consciousness. A world where its inhabitants, immersed in a slowing technological present, dream the dream of return."

What are the mental and physical consequences of being isolated from planet Earth for a long period of time? How does the abandonment of consciousness affect our body? What are the temporalities of an absent body?

TERRA RHAPSODY is a choreographic installation on memory and remembrance that exposes two main themes: the fascination with technology and nostalgia for the Earth. The work is built around the idea of an imaginary garden and explores, through an analogy between the figure of the astronaut and that of the gardener, the physical and psychological consequences of moving away from our planet.

The creation is based on the construction of a ghostly garden by some inhabitants stuck in a state of lethargy due to their estrangement from the earth. Their nostalgia leads them to cultivate an imaginary garden with the artificial and technological resources at their disposal, in an attempt to make the image and sensation of memory tangible through their own body and technology. The objective is to simulate the materialization of the internal metaphysical space in an external physical space.

Through an installation and scenic format, it is intended to generate an immersive experience halfway between installation and choreography, where movement, performance, lighting, visual art and sound design intervene.

Direction - Ester Guntín
Design and Technology - Saúl Baeza (DOES)
Choreography - Ester Guntín
Performers - Marina Capel, Paula Tato, Alberto Serrano, Héctor Puigdomènech, Mariona Ona
Composition and Sound Design - Clara Aguilar & Ona Galo
Scenography and Light Design - Marc Salicrú