What is DOES about?


DOES is a design, research and consultancy practice exploring the potentials of identity in different scales and media. Formed by a team of designers and researchers, it works in the ever-changing-material-world in which our bodies are constantly interacting. We combine design, research, academic, curatorial and editorial activities in order to develop concepts that lie at the intersection between material and technology, body and mind.

DOES Works under the labels:

Currently, DOES works on projects such as the creative direction of "Our Garden needs its flowers" exhibition at Tecla Sala Arts Centre, curating its design division and editing the exhibition catalogue. We are also creative-directing a series of video edits for MADE (Material Designers) platform and designing some new products for Studio Banana. We are editing a conversation book with Elise By Olsen, coordinating a research project between Adidas, Elisava and DOES called "The Human Upgrade Movement" and developing three research based projects (Overexposed Identities, Code Pride and Biometric Control Approach) as well as launching our new beauty research platform DOES Salon.

Previous clients and collaborators include, amongst others: Unicef, Adidas, Ogilvy, Kendu, LaCaixa, MADE (Material Designers), Domestic Data Streamers, MIRA Digital Arts Festival, Lobster Theremin Record Label, Elisava Research, Eurecat Technology Centre and Materfad Materials Centre.

DOES has exhibited its work in Barcelona, Milan, Hong Kong, Paris and New York, amongst other places.

Saúl Baeza is DOES Creative Director. While lecturing at Elisava Barcelona University of Design and Engineering he also researches functional and digital identities with the "Future Everyday" Research Group (TU Eindhoven Research) and "Futures Now" Research Group (Elisava Research). Saúl is a curator for Understanding Design, an association whose objective is to enhance the culture of contemporary and avant-garde design in Barcelona.

Saúl is founder and editor-in-chief at VISIONS BY, a magazine focused on exploring material culture and its infinite meanings.



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Round table on the crisis in the fashion industry, face masks as a complement and new sustainable consumption habits. #tardeo at Radio Primavera Sound. Jun, 2020.

"From Recens Paper to Wallet: Print publishing, fashion Criticism and the powers involved." - Elise by Olsen in conversation with Saúl Baeza. Elisava, Barcelona, Spain. Jun, 2019.

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Problems and Solutions Department. Elisava + London Digital week. Victoria & Albert Museum. London, England. Sept, 2016.

Textile Limits. Out of metrics + Miguel Adrover. Mazda Space, Barcelona, Spain. Nov, 2015.


Saúl Baeza
Arnau Anglada
Tai Sans
Alba Eiriz


Andrea Pérez
Laura Clèries
David Haro
Inés Sistiaga
Victor Betriu
Jorge Pascual
Mariona Den Tuinder


Three to six months. Please, send your CV and Portfolio to info@does-work.com


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Albert Romagosa


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