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New Faces, New Identities
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“New faces, new identities” puts the role of the face in correlation to our identity into doubt in a moment in which face tracking technologies are changing the idea of the face as an aesthetic element of recognition. Face tracking, as a parametric indicator, is still related to identity due to its unique approach, but is changing the traditional meaning of the face as the universal human representation. Is our face still the most influential organ regarding our identity communication? If so, can we build multiple identities for multiple purposes? Is that legal? Ethical? Functional? Beautiful?
People have more options against facial recognition softwares than just hiding themselves. Following some rules, citizens will be able to create multiple identities in order to achieve their own purposes and by doing so, be in control of their identity’s functionality.

“New Faces, new identities” is the result of a long-term research project focused on finding Apple Face ID gaps in order to use their face identification software and infrastructure to build new identities. The future of the project will be to share those methodologies through massive open source training.
The present outcome introduces three different characters as an example of mainstream users that are taking advantage of this knowledge. The shooting is done in an art directed manner that expreses the “voyeur” approach to those surveillance and control technologies and, at the same time, serves as an anthropological experiment.

IMPORTANT: All the prostheses shown in the images and videos are functional and allow the users to break the Apple Face ID software and create new identities connected to their Name, Apple ID Number or bank account. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT AN SPECULATIVE PROJECT.


Arnau Anglada
Victor Betriu
David Haro

Photography and Art Direction:
Arnau Anglada

Cris Neira

Marta Abad
Mariona den Tuinder
Ignacio Ezcurra

Special Thanks:
Alba Eiriz
Pau Dolcet
Maria Canudas