Hunch DOES Alpine Basics Collection


Hunch DOES Alpine Basics Collection
DOES Beauty®

Taking snow and everything alpine as an inspiration, a range of Prèt-a-Porter technique clothing, accessories, objects and a photography book have been born. Each and every piece breathes the same essence and, moreover, all the elements of the capsule are waterproof, including the photography book, which has been done in mineral dust paper.

Hunch’s limited edition exclusive capsules respond to the need of explaining and representing a situation, a place or a story from a multidisciplinary view. That’s why capsule collections consist in a selection of designs, objects andelements entirely created and produced by Hunch and communicated in a unique online experience.

Ridden by technical and material research; the choice of materials, the production techniques and attention to detail are fundamental when elaborating each element.


Art Direction by Hunch & Albert Romagosa
Photography by Pablo De Pastors