Hunch DOES Team Member Collection


Hunch DOES Team Member Collection
DOES Beauty®

Something unique happens when coordination hits its peak, when it comes to a point where the whole is perfect, united, complete. I am there; that's the moment when you can find me. When every cell moves in the same direction and every drop of sweat hurts like a million needles, you'll see me there. The minute when every word of encouragement is pronounced, I'll be waiting. When the high-fives and the screaming and the shouting and the mud, blood and stains, the anger and victory come together in a myriad of passion and competition, you'll see me ruling. I am something bigger. I am the team.

HUNCH presents their new collection TEAM MEMBER, that takes on the lead of its previous collection PEOPLE AT WORK and continues exploring functionality, movement and adaptability are again the rules of the game; beauty and harmony are the fields of play.

Sports, merchandising and the coach: action, representing and selling the action, and coordinating are the key points of TEAM MEMBER. This collection is moved by the will to dissect the meaning of pertenence to a group; that intriguing reaction of belonging to a team, of irrational support, of being part of something bigger. Of teamwork enhanced.


Art Direction by Hunch and Albert Romagosa
Photography by Carlos Moreno
Make Up and Hair by Laia