Studio Banana DOES Ostrich Pillow Hood


Studio Banana DOES Ostrich Pillow Hood
DOES Beauty®
DOES Pharma®

Studio Banana says:
"We are continuously observing how people look for comfort spaces, seeking out solutions that react to how personal wellbeing can be. Since each person has different preferences for how and when they relax and reconnect, we designed the Hood as an ultra adaptable comfort booster that is easy to use anytime, anywhere. Like we did with Original, we wanted to create a new take on the experience of having and controlling a “space” of your own.

An unconventional twist on a classic wardrobe staple, Hood can be combined with any outfit, offering a cosy comfort boost and the ability to signal to others when you’re enjoying a private moment. We believe people have no limits, and neither does Hood."


Photography by Studio Banana