Studio Banana DOES Ostrich Pillow Loop


Studio Banana DOES Ostrich Pillow Loop
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Studio Banana says:
"Listening to the voice of our dreamers, we discovered that in their daily commuting they would love an OSTRICHPILLOW as light-blocking as Original, as versatile as Light, as portable as Go and -why not?- with the touch of design of Mini. Guided by this consumer insight, the design team has ideated an eye pillow to break loose from the urging pressures of modern life. Its shape and softness offer total blackout and comfort, and its boundless design is adaptable to all head shapes and sizes. However, what makes OSTRICHPILLOW Loop even more special is “how” it has been created: it is the first product in being co-designed together with end-users during a crowdfunding campaign. By the community, for the community."


Photography by Studio Banana